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June 28, 2006

We have moved to a new home. This home is no longer updated.  So please visit us at our new home at : http://komabaitong.org

Thank for your comming!

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Visited rural school at Kampong Speu

May 2, 2006

On the International Labor day, 1st May 2006, we carried out our activities by making a trip with about other 50 University of Cambodia students to Ksach Pun primary school in Oudong district, Kompong Speu province where we were eagerly awaited and clapped by students and teachers of the school. Located 08km from the main road No. 5, the Ksach Pun primary school was an only educational center for about 400 pupils from grade 1 to 6 in the village.
Ksach poun children

In this event we had alot of fun with student, little kids. We have played , taught, and told them about a lot of things related to their study, health and the environment. Afterall, we have planted tree with them, as a memory, and gave them the presents that we have brought. And there is also some gifts to the teachers who has tried to teach them.

We are so happy with the trip and brought back with a lot of thanks and wishes from children and teachers, as well as people there, to all of our friends and suporters who have supportted us with this activity. Hopefully, you would have some time to join us for the next event.

Please find more photos here: Photos of this event.

Gifts have been given to Children

March 27, 2006

On Sunday 26, March 2006 at 8:00 am, we left Phnom Penh to Kampong Cham province for briging the gifts that we have got from our supporters to the poor children in Kohkol Primary School, located in Kohkol village, Kohmit commune, Kampong Siem district, Kampong Cham province.

This school is just 9 Km from the Kampong Cham town, but it seems difficult to go there because of no car's road, we drive through the farm field and a very small road, sometime we need to got out the car…

We have given the gifts to 185 children in the school with a package of 3 note books, 2 pencils, 1 pen, 1 ruler, 1 sharpenter and 500 riel. And also to 8 teahcers, 10 older villagers and 16 children outside the school.

Finally we are so happy with the trip and brought back with a lot of thanks and wishes from children and teachers, as well as people there, to all of our friends and suporters who have supportted us with this activity.

Please find more photos here: Activities of this event.

Thank to our supporters

March 20, 2006

Now we have found some of our supporters for this activities, we would like to thank you very much for your support. We will try to prepare the gifts to bring to the children and come back with the proof of photos or our activities with their wishes back to all of you too.

This is our ongoing list, so if you have not yet seen your name on this list please do not be hesitate to contact us. We are waiting till the end of this week, saturday 25th, and we’ll start the trip on 26th.

  1. Mr. Tharum –(1 khmer-khmer dictionary book)
  2. Mrs. Chanthou –(50 written book)
  3. Miss Leakhena – NUM – (240 pencils)
  4. Mr. Chantra -OFC-(50 written books)
  5. Mr. Rith -OFC-(2 books)
  6. Mr. & Mrs Samath (60 written books and 60 pencils)
  7. Mr. & Mrs Earb Hour –(10000 Riel)
  8. Mr. & Mrs Than Bodeth –($3)
  9. Mr. Chea Samnang –(10000 Riel)
  10. Ms. Dida -SII-(10 written books)
  11. Miss Sovannary -SII-(10 written books)
  12. Miss Sereymalin -SII-(10 Written books)
  13. Miss Lun Eng -SII-(10 Written books)
  14. Miss Ratana -SII-(8 Written books)
  15. Mr. Ratha -OFC-(10 pencils)
  16. Miss Saona -NiDA-(10 Written books, 10 rulers, 12 pencils, 25 pens)
  17. Mr. Veasna -NiDA-(10 Written books, 12 pencils, 25 pens)
  18. Mr. Sambo -NiDA-(50 written books, 20 sharpenter, 144 pencils)
  19. Miss Sopheak -CCI-(20 written books, 20 pens, 20 pencils)
  20. Mrs. Channy -SII-(10000 Riel)
  21. Miss Chanty -OFC-(20 pens)
  22. Mr. Sophun -OFC-(10000 Riel)
  23. Miss Sotheavy -MLMUPC (30 books, 20000 Riel)
  24. Ms. Phalla (100 written books, 100 rulers, 100 pencils, 100 pens)
  25. Mr. Sasithy -NiDA-(50 written books, 100 pens)
  26. Mr. Soben -OFC-(50 written book, 50 pens)
  27. Mr. Dara (10 written books, 10 pencils, 10 pens, 10 rulers)
  28. Miss Kakada -OFC-(50 written books, 50 pens)
  29. Miss Danet -PPM-(10 written books, 10 pens)
  30. Mrs. KimEng -PPM-(10 written books, 10 pens)
  31. Mr. Panhawath -PPM-(10 written books, 10 pencils)
  32. Ms. Leakhena -PPM-(10000 Riel)
  33. Mr. Vanthy -PPM-(25000 Riel)
  34. Mr. Ratanak -PPM-(20 written books, 20 pens, 24 pencils)
  35. Mr. Phana (20 written books, 20 pens, 24 pencils)
  36. Miss Daroth -OFC-(10000 Riel)
  37. Mrs. Sina -OFC-(10000 Riel)
  38. Mr. Taro -OFC-(10000 Riel)
  39. Mr. Titvirak -OFC-(20000 Riel)
  40. CWCC Staff ($10, 5 written books, some pens, pencils, rulers )
  41. Mr. Sophoinnary -SII-(5 written books, 3 pens, 2 pencils, 1 sharpenter)
  42. Mr. Yutheka -SII-(25000 Riel)
  43. Mr. Rithy -SII-($5)
  44. Ms. Davy (10 written book, 10 pencils)
  45. Miss Sony & Sokchea & Mr. Sovutha (120 pencils)
  46. Miss Kola -OFC-(24 written books, 40 pens)
  47. Mrs. Hout Ratanak -OFC-(40000 Riel)
  48. Miss Soklen -OFC-(20000 Riel)
  49. Ms Marakat -OFC-(10000 Riel)
  50. Ms Sokuntheary (10 written books, 10 pens, 10 pencils)
  51. Sokny, Soklen, Seap, Soueng -Nanglin Co.-(40000 Riel)
  52. Mr. Sopheak -Apsara TV-($10 for gasoline)
  53. Mr. Kuntharat -Armary Tour-($10 for gasoline)
  54. Mr. Chhaynora ($10 for gasoline)
  55. Your name next here!

Our visitor’s doubt

March 17, 2006

Dear Chantra and Chhaynora,

I am very appriciated that your team has feeling to create the helping our village children group and I also visit your website that has a lot of picture there. But wonder why your statement and your picture is not the same activities, as I read your text is helping and bring some equipment to remote area children, but in your picture I did not find even one of your activities related to that only your happy with having Khmer Noodle, BBQ and playing on the beach…etc.

It is very difficult for me to help you to find some fund from my manager to help those at remote area, I have no prove. if you don’t mind please put some picture related to your activities of helping those children like giving gift and training …etc. is better.

This is not for interrupt your great activities but only the critic for development. I hope you

understand my feeling.

All the best,


We are so happy to hear from our visitor about our activity. We would like to thank Boraan for your interest with us, and we are sorry too that we do not have enough photos to proof our activities. Maybe everybody wonder like boran too?Well, what boran have seen are just our party photos at mekong river, a week ago, that we have posted to show you all who are. It does not show our charity activities. So please check again sooner, we will try to find some of photos of our previous activities.

Most of our previous activities are going out to plant the trees and see poor people at rural areas. And now we think that it would be better if we could bring some gifts from us and those of our kindness friends in the city or somewhere else to those people, because it might help them some or at least we can see their smiles 🙂

Therefore, we want to continue our fun, it is not our work for profit, to bring some gifts along with our visit to those at the rural villages. We cannot help much, but at least we can help some with our visit for our villagers.

Last time we have done with the monks and older villagers at Kompong Cham Province. So this time we would like to bring something for children. Whatever we would get from our friends, a pen, pencil, book, or even just a wish, we will try to bring it to them with our visit.

If you would have any unsure information or doubt about us like borann, please do not be hesitat to let us know, we are happy to hearing from you.

Cheers! – our villager friends.

Last year gift to older people and monks

March 17, 2006

Gift to monks

Last year gifts was prepared for older people and the monks at kampong cham province also. So we want to continue our activity for this year and next for poor, older, and disbility people who are at rural areas.

Beside gift giving, we also enjoying in tree planting activity which we also do it often once we all got free times.

tree planting

Please find out more here: our activities photos

Gift bringing trip to Kampong Cham

March 15, 2006


We are a group of Cambodian youth who work for different organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, preparing a trip to the rural area at the province to bring some gift and charity to children so that they can have some material for their growing and especially their education. We hope to find some more support from you or if you could join us the trip we will be together seeing smiles from people in our villages our country. We are also used to be a child at the province villages. Please find out below for our detail plan.

Trip: Bringing gifts to poor children at remote area.

This trip is a personal fund trip from everyone of our team and friends who will join us or will not, if they are busy, to Bringing some kind gift to children at the remote area. It is an event that we all would share experiences together to bring our kindness to those growing child who need support for their study. We understand how it is when we were as a child. Some kind of study materials will bring to Kampong Cham povince, to a school located at Koh Kol village, Koh Mith commune, Kampong Siem district, Kampong cham province, around 20Km south side of the town, and around 150Km from Phnom Penh city.

The trip will start on Sunday, 26th March, 2006.

We will try to find and prepare all kind of education materials for children from now until Sunday 26th.

If you are interested in, you can also contribute or join us to share your kindness. Whatever you think you could share to those children, even your wish, we will happy to bring it to them.

When: Sunday, March 26th, 2006.
Where: Koh Kol village, Koh Mith commune,Kampong Siem district, Kampong Cham province

Why: Education Development
What: Gift Bringing to children in the remote area.
Additional: Start: 7:00 AM, End: 5:00 PM. From Phnom Penh to Kampong Province.

Gifts we will bring: All kind of education materials (Books, Stationary, pen, pencil, … )

Participants: Everyone are invited to join and contribute

If you are interest or want to find more information please do not hesitate to contact us:


Contact Name: Mr. Be Chentra (General Organizer)
Tel: (+855) 12 316 781
E-mail: be_chantra[at]yahoo[dot]com

Contact Name: Mr. Chea Chhay Nora (Organizer)
E-mail: chhaynora[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you!